2018 Dodge Power Wagon Release Date

The Legacy Power Wagon is a car company headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the company produces some interesting truck cars such as one of its Legacy Power Wagon production, this truck car is a modern version of the Dodge Power wagon that speeds up to 425 HP with MOPAR V8 engine or also called Cummins Diesel which is available with 2 doors and 4 doors. which is pegged with the price of 120,000 US dollars.

dodge power wagon 2018

But the real successor is the Ram 2500 Power Wagon 2017. The 4×4 Power Wagon is one of the vehicles with the longest history in America. Starting as a vehicle to defeat the axis country in World War II, the old Dodge Power Wagon was present in 1946 with the aim of bringing its consumers to adventure on off-road Medan.

Now, 71 years later and several generations cut off afterward, the Ram Power Wagon continues to deliver on that promise – but with greater power and improved technology.

2017 dodge power wagon 6x6

With a wheelbase of 3792 mm, no? it is doubtful that the Power Wagon is a large pickup. Ram-based 2500 HD 4×4 Crew Cab, off-road truck is only has a cargo tub along the two meters, although the overall length of the body to reach six meters.

2018 dodge power wagon diesel

Approximately what priceĀ 2018 Dodge Power Wagon
Prices start at around US $ 53,000. The price is already prevalent in the truck market today. Additional equipment, including Leather and Luxury package (US $ 4,995), Cargo View Camera installed in stop light (US $ 345), and RamBox Cargo Management System (US $ 1,295). The truck we tested for US $ 62,610 already includes more features than that.

dodge power wagon dodge power wagon 4x4 Pics dodge power wagon dodge legacy power wagon 5 wallpaper

Dodge Power Wagon Dodge Legacy Power Wagon 5 Wallpaper
dodge power wagon 2018
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2018 dodge power wagon diesel
Dodge Power Wagon Dodge Power Wagon 4×4 Pics

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