2018 Hummer Limo Price

2018 Hummer Limo Price Hummer Limousine is a luxury car with a longer body size that is longer than a regular car. Limousines can accommodate more passengers. This luxury car is equipped with comfort that can be a different experience passengers. This limo car offers a soft chair, luxurious interior and spacious leg room.

photos of hummer limo interior

Hummer Limo Interior

The size of a standard Hummer body that has been spelled out just enough to make it difficult for the driver to drive it. Especially when the length is up to 6 meters. Known Hummer DNA originated from a car of war was apparently included in this premium car. Because all parts of this car was awarded a rare ability to withstand bullet attacks.

photos of 2018 new hummer limo white

2018 Hummer Limo PriceĀ 

To buy the car, buyers have to spend a lot of money. The seller sells the $ 350000 Hummer limo for those of you who are interested in proposing the big body, while the usual Hummer is only about $ 150000.

photos of hummer limo inside
hummer limo white

American car manufacturer Hummer H2 is available two engine variants, namely 6.0L V8 capable of generating power of 325 dk and 6.2L V8 engine capacity and can generate power of 393 hp. It’s just for the machine used on the longest H2 Limo can not be known to use what engine variants and whether also modified by the owner.

photos of Hummer Limo

Hummer Limo
2018 Hummer Limousines
2018 New Hummer Limo White
Hummer Limo Interior
Hummer Limo Inside
2018 Hummer Limo With Pool

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