2018 Dodge Journey Detail Review And Release Date


2018 Dodge Journey  Release Date – Dodge has a long gait in the Automotive world. John and Horace Dodge, as creators of the Dodge brand, created the first mass car in 1914. Dodge is now 100 years old.

Until 2014, with the presence of an automotive exhibition event in Indo nesia, Dodge hired a 100th Anni versary Limited Edition Journey that became a special car that Dodge dedicated to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

2018 Dodge Journey Redesign

Journey produced this limited, has a base from Platinum which became the highest type in the variant Journey. There is no significant difference with other Journey variants. It’s just that on this anniversary issue, Journey appeared with a black Grille and emblem on the body panel that read, ‘100th Dodge since 1914’.

2018 Dodge Journey Premium Red

In addition, on the wheels, this car is still using a rim that is similar to the type of Luxury and Platinum. Ken dati so, the writing ‘100th Dodge since 1914’ in the middle of the rim, a differentiator with other variants.

If examined in more detail, it seems Dodge Journey will be equipped with design, engine runway, and features super reliable. In terms of design alone, this luxurious crossover carries a design style with a concept that emphasizes the elegant and luxurious impression on each side of the body.

2018 Dodge Journey Specs

Not only that, in much deeper, the heart sector runway on this Dodge Journey also will be equipped with powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine ready to give off powerful power. Surely, the excellence in the kitchen sector pacunya it will increasingly make it more interesting, especially for the fans of a powerful crossover. On the other hand, some advanced features and modern also pinned on this Dodge Journey is intended to support the comfort and safety in driving.

2018 Dodge Journey 1 2018 Dodge Journey Interior

This American brand is focused on selling Journey, even though those who have a ‘petrol head’ mentality are rather nervous about this car. ‘Dodge really the front wheel motion.’ Or ‘Dodge four-cylinder?’ That’s about it. But behind that, Dodge Journye is an interesting car. Especially for the family. Facilities in it complete with the practicality of a qualified cabin. It’s hard to find a comparison in Japanese or Korean brands. The configuration of the chair and its storage space deserves thumbs up. One example is the storage space on the floor that could be coolbox (cooler). Dodge Journey equipped with four-cylinder engine 2.4 liter capacity. Power 173 hp, with maximum torque of 225 Nm.

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