2018 Ford Fiesta Release date


2018 Ford Fiesta Release date  – In Europe, the Ford Fiesta is a well-known car, especially the current generation that has a good look, a mumpuni engine with the fun of driving above the average of a hatchback subcompact and one of the most sophisticated small cars because of its bejibun features compared to other similar cars. Now, Ford Fiesta 2018 has been officially released by Ford and ready to fight rivals like Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, VW Polo and even VW Cross Polo and others. The first impression to see it, the new Fiesta figure feels like a baby Ford Focus.

2018 Ford Fiesta Blue Sea

Not to be outdone by a factory from Japan or Korea increasingly aggressive pounding the market, Ford also launched its flagship products. Ford’s strategy that continues to try to exist can indeed be thumbs up if see compatriot fellow manufacturer from the United States, Chevrolet, prefer to close the factory in Indonesia. Through a sound marketing strategy, Ford Motor Indonesia is still able to keep Fordr’s success.

2018 Ford Fiesta Interior

One proof is the presence of the All New Ford Fiesta which is a variant of the flagship hatchback manufacturer of Uncle Sam’s country of origin. Fiesta itself is one of the major players in the hatchback segment that has a very large consumer base. In fact, in a survey stated that Ford Fiesta is a dream car of young people in Indonesia.
Ford Fiesta ST latest carrying 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters. Second, although only 3-cylinder, but its power reaches 200 PS with maximum torque of 290 Nm. And thirdly, there’s cylinder deactivation technology in it. This new car comes fully early next year. Fiesta ST will be available in the form of three and five doors, a variety of interior trim options that can be tailored to the tastes of its users

2018 Ford Fiesta Red 2018 Ford Fiesta Specs

This certainly reinforces the Fiesta image that does have a character that “very young people”. In order to maintain its competition with other manufacturers, Ford has launched a new generation Fiesta that brings a number of interesting changes. If you mention the name of the Ford Fiesta, your mind will definitely be directed to the concept of a sporty hatchback car look elegant with a powerful engine performance. This impression is what Ford tried to defend, and certainly adds a new nuance that makes it even more special.

2018 Ford Fiesta White Redesign

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