2018 Ford F 150 Release Date


2018 Ford F 150 Release Date – Ford is the most stealing brand in the ongoing NAIAS 2015. In addition to the Ford GT 2017 is cool and controversial, there is another Ford F-150 Raptor 2017, Ford’s gigantic pick uptruck the original is already big, now getting bigger dimensions.

2018 Ford F 150 Red Platinum

January 2017 to be a special moment for Ford, because one of their flagship product is in its special month. Is the Ford F-150 which in January 2017 is berulangtahun the 40th during the act since 1977.

Then, with this 40th anniversary, what makes the Ford F-150 so tough? What is clear, dedication and innovation so key to how Ford developed the F-150 that his age exactly the same as this VHS tape.

2018 Ford F 150 White Limited

In addition, Ford itself through his claim says that the Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck mode in the United States and surrounding areas for 40 years in a row, which means other products such as Dodge, Chevy and others have not matched the achievements of Ford for trucks that worth it.

2018 Ford F 150 XL

Ford claims they have made the F-150 Raptor 2017 into a full-size pick up truck larger, tougher, smarter, more reliable in off-road terrain, and most importantly for today more efficient than the previous Raptor, one of them by reducing the weight of 227 Kg thanks to the use of Ford’s Aluminum Body. Even so, maybe some people will be pessimistic first to know the Raptor V8 engine is now turned into a V6 engine.

2018 Ford F 150 Xlt

Still with a big body and rigid typical F-150 Raptor, Ford’s full size pick up truck is also still keeping her heritage with a large Ford writing on the front grill.
Its products every time period always get renewal and upgrade to follow the needs of the era and its consumer. At least, Ford is able to survive with Eco Boost composition, large engine, plus horsepower and torque is abundant. Durability, innovation and reliability to stay for 40 years.

2018 Ford F 150 Engine

Do not doubt the 3500 cc V6 EcoBoost engine behind the hood of this latest Raptor 2017. Although it is smaller than the Raptor’s previous V8 engine, its energy reaches 411 HP and 587 Nm of torque. The first new gene engine has been tested and proven in the 1000 Steel event of 2010 ago. So do not be surprised if there will be additional emblem EcoBeast in this car

2018 Ford F 150 Black

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