2018 Toyota Supra Release Date


Toyota Supra. Who has never heard of this famous name? Being a “hero” car in the first Fast & Furious franchise, winning in a variety of international competitions such as turing & drifting, and racing across the streets in hundreds of countries. Supra is a legend.

2017 Supra Hp Ft 1 Wallpaper

The question will be when the latest generation of Toyota Supra appears seems to have been answered already. 2018. That’s the year that the newest Supra will be introduced, bringing a variety of updates ranging from the form, the technology it contains, to whom this car shares the platform.

Toyota Supra is a platform result of the cooperation of BMW and Toyota, which has been running since the last few years. BMW will use this platform to introduce the BMW Z5, whose test photos have been circulating in cyberspace since the last few months. Z5 is a successor of the Z4 coupe, which is getting old and urgent to be replaced. While Supra, who does not know, is a Toyota sports car that has long been awaited the latest generation.

2017 Toyota Supra Redesign 2017 Toyota Supra Rear View 4K

Here are my comments on the latest model from Toyota Supra. First, his appearance. The back looks exaggerated. This is influenced also by the size of a large body even without additional devices.

2018 Toyota Supra Interior
Second, the interior. Typical Toyota, in both good and bad terms. The cockpit in the driver’s seat is amazing. You should try it. It would be even better to increase it to 320km / h TRD full scale meter (currently production is stopped and the price will soar on the auction website.

2016 Supra Interior 2016 Toyota Supra Convertible Interior Steering Images
I will only give a brief comment on the performance of his machine because many others have written at length about it – I can not stand the torque. Starting with 2nd gear is still possible. Acceleration can bring this vehicle with high speed on the road freeway even climb
Many differences with 1L turbo class cars. This car is good depending on your expectations of driving performance. The little trick will not work. The concept is different from FD and S2000. The original REAS suspension is good enough to drive in towns and turns. Not too soft, not too hard.

2017 Supra Interior 2017 Toyota Supra Interior 4K

Fuel consumption is around 6K / L in Tokyo. If not driven carefully he will go down to 5K / L. In Osaka will reach 110km / h with 4 people in the car, fuel consumption 8K / L. Many people say this car can reach 10K / L on freeway road, but I never feel it. Overall, this car is good and comes with an enhanced specification. Unless you expect too high, you will not regret having bought this car.

Toyota Supra 2016 2016 Toyota Supra Front Side Images
Toyota Supra 2018 Price
This car will be thrown in the market with an estimated price of about US $ 100K-150K

Toyota Supra 2017 2017 Toyota Supra Price Wallpaper

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