2018 Lincoln Town Redesign


2018 Lincoln Town Redesign – The company was founded in august 1917 by henry m. Leland, one of the founders of cadillac. He left the division of cadillac general motors during world war i and formed lincoln motor company to build a liberty aircraft machine with his son wilfred. After the war, the company’s factories were updated to produce luxury cars.

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Takeover by the company’s ford had suffered severe financial difficulties during the transition period, due to the lincoln car form that is not comparable with other luxury car manufacture, then only produced 150 cars in 1922. Lincoln was forced to go bankrupt and sold for us $ 8,000,000 to ford motor company on 4 february, 1922. lincoln purchase is a personal victory for henry ford. thanks to the capital handling and ford efforts in renewing lincoln, lincoln is fast becoming one of the top brands in america in selling luxury 4 wheel vehicle with cadillac and packard.

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Updates by Ford in 1923, several new models were introduced, including a four-door sedan that could accommodate four passengers. They also built a 2-passenger and 1-passenger roadster, a 7-person touring sedan and a limousine, which sold for $ 5,200. Despite the limited market appeal, lincoln sales rose about 45 percent to produce 7,875 cars and the company operated on profit by the end of the year 1923 by ford motor company.

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This limousine has a 4.6 liter V8 engine SOHC. This machine is capable of generating power of 239 hp using 4 speed automatic transmission system. While his opponent who has a smaller body also has a petrol engine configuration V8 4.3 liter capacity.

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Performance Italian supercar engine is also famous for being able to produce power of 490 hp with torque of 484Nm. With the ability of this engine Ferrari California can accelerate from 0-100kmh in just 3.4 seconds before reaching a top speed of 310km / h.

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