2017 Chevy Blazer Release Date K5 Blazer concept


2017 Chevy Blazer Release Date – Blazer is a medium SUV made by General Motors (GM) between 1996 and 2005. This car is actually the second generation of Chevrolet S-10 Blazer-based pickup Chevrolet S-10 which is a successor of Chevrolet LUV. One thing to note, the blazer of early 96-99 edition is built up, and of course the whole part is aseli from America’s continent either from America alone or from Latin America.

Chevy blazer 2016 Actually there is no difference that is most basic whether it bears the name of Chevrolet and Opel. For other brands such as Cadillac, Pontiac, Holden, Buick, Hummer and GMC. They all belong to a major US-based company, General Motors Corporation.

chevy blazer interior

With the presence of this car in Indonesia, it can be realized because of the GM that has successfully described the name of Opel Blazer Montera and Chevrolet Blazer as one of the tough American car.

This car was originally designed to use the engine capacity of 4300cc to fit the weight of the body and the frame that reaches 2 tons more. But because of the tax system of vehicles in Indonesia are less friendly with large-engined cars, GM only sells Blazer with 4-cylinder 2200cc petrol engine with rear-wheel drive. Blazer engine was originally made by Holden Australia and only installed on Opel or Chevrolet Blazer specifically for the Indonesian and Brazilian markets. This engine is called GM Family II engine and is available in DOHC and SOHC (Blazer Montera) configurations of 16 valves for DOHC and 8 valves for SOHC with an injector fuel supply. This machine is combined with a 5 speed manual transmission. For automatic transmission used 4-speed automatic transmission that is unfortunately somewhat rare in the streets of Indonesia.

New k5 blazer concept looks very aggressive and sleek, because the facade is designed with large lamps and looks to meet the cluster of the front. For the first facelift type, the lights are redesigned into 2 fairly thin shaped lines. Then on the second facelift, the lights again redesigned and looked like the first model, but still more masculine and sweet. Then on the sides and behind it nothing changed at all.

One morning James Bons was rummaging through the Blazer’s dashboard for cleaning, as he unrolled a bolt, to his surprise, on the bolt written in Mexico. It is natural that these blazer bolts are very durable and although old age is not rusty like low quality bolts like neighboring factory next door.

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